4 Holocaust videos that will blow your mind

The secret life of Hitler

post by René Volpi  ~stillmind.

Children of the Holocaust

Videos on The Holocaust that changed the world.


Embed: http://www.youtube.com/v/ps64xxJq0mg?version=3

BERGEN BELSEN :  http://auschwitz.dk/Bergenbelsen.htm

NAZI TERROR :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zaCdKwFcHnw&feature=related

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7 responses to “4 Holocaust videos that will blow your mind

  1. Hmmm…nice to grasp, there have been certainly a small number stuff in which I had not thought of before. Nice blog!

  2. It’s always good to be reminded of Hitler’s legacy of terror. One quick thought, why is it that the Jews and Israelis are voicing –screaming it out, really– the now famous “Never Again!” as they continue to suppress those dissed Palestinians building Condos and whatnot in the occupied territories? Not to mention the barbaric treatment, the kidnappings, executions, assassinations, shall I go on?…I don’t think I need to.

  3. Thank you for posting links to retell their sad and tragic story. Hell was unleashed on the earth during this man’s régime of terror.

    • Absolutely, and this type of one in-a-lifetime events needs to be told at all times, over and over again, so people will never forget and allow it to happen again, such as it did In Africa (Darfur) or in the Balkans, all in recent times to a lesser scale, but horrifying nonetheless.