The Religion of Peace

The Religion of Peace 

by René Volpi on Sept 16th, 2010



The present Iranian regime and its atrocities are a very touch and go subject and I’m wondering why. These are not insidious accusations but mere facts. I’m writing about these serious issues because they are indeed more serious than we would have like them to be. In Iran, a drama originates everyday where women have been victimized with such ease you have to wonder, even pinch yourself to make sure that Iranian society is indeed located in the 21st Century. Or is it?
If you happened to have had the opportunity to watch Dr. Michiu Kaku’s video (link below)  “The World in 2057”  you’ll notice that he explains our present situation brilliantly. His insights and objectivity are remarkable, and opinions as well as judgments are devoid of any time as he glides smoothly through an impeccable presentation. He does not mention Iran by name, but he doesn’t have to. What he does mention is the potential damage of backward thinking ways to a forward-minded world. And the threat that terrorism poses to newly developed societies with an eye on the future but with its feet firmly on the ground. He warns of a uncommon-ground enemy that will undoubtedly go to extremes to disallow true progress and bring our natural evolutionary consciousness to a halt.
These folks are the main impediment for world progress to date. Their adaptation or removal by means of global war could be –but I hope is not–the only viable option available.
Also, according to Dr. Kaku , if we are ever going to have a chance to jump from Civilization Type 0 –which is where we are at this time–  to Type 1, we will have to first survive, well….ourselves .

Now, my question is:   In relation to the uncompromising extremist views of terrorists, if the majority of societies that collectively makes a whole despises their ways, if they are a world threat as they export and manufacture terrorism, if they not only jail, kill and discard their political dissidents, but even American citizens untried in an international court without a chance to prove their innocence or face their accusers, my question to all the powers of the Western World then will be:   Why aren’t we doing something about it, collectively if we must?  Embargos?, UN sanctions? Condemnations? Public outrage? Tell me one instance in modern history that those measures ever worked in a real, concise way!

I am fuming MAD,  just like you should be, not so much for the inconveniences they cause me and my family when I have to check for a flight, for example. No,  I could do that to a point, accept it as another bad hair day or something, but stripping me of my right to evolve, think freely? Express my ideas?   Who gives you that right?  What gives you the right over myself to choose my own destiny? Have I claimed any rights over yours?   Since I don’t know you and certainly I don’t owe you, I’d never have any invested interest on what or how you pick to run your life, and in the words of a great Philosopher I’d like to remind you, Pal, that your freedom ends exactly where mine begins. I can live with that, why can’t you?

Back After the Calming Bath;  If I hear one more person giving me that ever-present cliché that he ‘s gonna get what’s coming to him sooner or later, in this world or in the next….I think I’ll strangle that guy! And I don’t care either that “what goes around comes around”  or that “he will pay eventually on his final judgment” . There are real people suffering real pains every second these evil-doers are in power.  In Iran and elsewhere. We shouldn’t be in the idiotic position we find ourselves in now. What dictates our reactions is in direct correlation to their very well thought , carefully planned actions. They tease and test us, and we always fall for it.  And that’s because they know our limitations. That’s a pretty good way to stay ahead of the game, not to mention enjoying the benefits of what they enjoy the most, control. A very narcissistic Ahmadinejad knows this, mastered his game, and plays us like puppets.

This one page have some unbelievable facts :

Dr. Michio Kaku  (video 1)
title: 2057 Humans (the terrorist threat point is @ 3:11min.)

title: About future civilization

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