A year in Florence

Posted by René Volpi for WordPress on August 1st, 2010

1. Florence architecture , Photo: Rosino

reading2. Reading on fountain steps, Photo: Alaskan Dude

meats3. Italian sliced deli meat platter with olives, Photo: Alaskan Dude

shops4. Homes with flowers by the Arno River, Photo: Pasujoba

street performer5. Street performer, Photo: McPig

tree6. View from outside the city, Photo: McPig

aerial view7. Aerial view, Photo: Carlo Alcos

cafe inside8. Evening cafe snack, Photo: McPig

cafe outside9. Street side cafe, Photo: McPig

turtle rider10. Rubbing the stomach of Little Bacchus is said to bring good luck, Photo: Alaskan Dude

shoes11. Funky shoes for sale, Photo: Alaskan Dude

market12. Deli offerings, Photo: Alaskan Dude

music13. Live music in the square, Photo: Rosino

baby statue14. One of many, many statues in Florence. Photo: Carlo Alcos

gelato15. Eating gelato with both hands, Photo: Alaskan Dude

biscotti16. Italian cafe snack, Photo: McPig

florence by night17. The city by night, Photo: McPig

grafitti18. Street art in Florence, Photo: smokeonit

shopping19. Shops at Ponte Vecchio, Photo: Gimli_36

bridge reflection20. Florence at sunset, Photo: Chi King

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