Would you give away Arizona?

Obama gave part of Arizona to Mexico?

posted by Rene Volpi

on June 22nd, 2010

Did your air conditioner go out?  Is your girlfriend riding you like a pack mule?  Did the dog chew up the rug?

Not to worry, because we have your scapegoat. Obama. That’s right.   Everything that’s wrong with your life can be blamed on the Pariah-in-Chief.  The reason for the oil spill? Obama’s not underwater with his mouth over the hole, inhaling.

And now he’s given part of Arizona back to the Mexicans.

Last week,  Fox News ran a story that many people took to mean Obama has handed over chunks of Arizona to Mexico. I called my friend who has a bed-and-breakfast in Clarkdale, Ariz., to warn him, but he said the Mexican Army had yet to arrive.

“Critics say the Administration is in effect giving a major strip of the Southwest back to Mexico,”  Fox reporter Shannon Bream said toward the beginning the story.  This led to a YouTube headline on the video that said “Obama Gives Back Part of Arizona to Mexico.”

I didn’t know the Mexicans wanted Arizona.  As far as I’m concerned, they can have Phoenix. And Jackass Flats, too.

The Fox story said the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has closed part of the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge along the border because of “heavily armed drug smugglers and human traffickers.”

Huh. U.S. Fish and Wildlife.  I didn’t realize the White House was in charge of duck stamps.

All of this monkey business led to the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge running a notice on its Web page saying it was still open.  Bonnie Swarbrick, refuge spokeswoman, said the story was old news anyway.  Four years ago the refuge closed 3 percent of its land in part because construction of the big border fence was going on, and you had both National Guard members and hunters dressed in camo in the area.  And there was some fear they might shoot each other by mistake.

“We didn’t want any misunderstanding in case that would happen,” Swarbrick said.  Besides, if somebody had been bagged out of season, Fox would have planted the gun on Obama.

Also,  Swarbrick said, the refuge is less dangerous now than in 2006, when the place did the partial closing.  “The number of illegal immigrants coming through the refuge is way down, a fraction of what it used to be,”  she said.

Hmmm, 2006.  Does that mean George W. Bush gave part of Arizona back to the Mexicans?  I’ll bet W. doesn’t even realize it.

Anyway, Swarbrick said all the “erroneous information” swirling around caused some “angry citizens” to call the wildlife refuge.

But so what?  Maybe these folks don’t get out of the house much and they need something to get their blood pressure going.  Besides, you can always blame the big one on Obama.  And everything else.


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