Do you think you have problems?

I heard the news today, oh Lord!…Yeppers, you’ve got it. It’s a very well known Lennon-McCartney inspiration titled ” A day in the life”. However, it goes perfectly well with what we are all thinking: we are on the verge of an imminent disaster. And we don’t need to go too far to analyze it, just to your local worldly news. As it turns out, now they are saying that a DPRK (North Korea) torpedo struck the South Korean vessel that caused the death of dozens of its sailors, now that’s bad news. The head of the attacking party, Mr. Kim Jung Ill, told its military to be on full alert. That’s also bad news, and the world is holding its breath. Missiles are pointing to the South as we speak and everybody’s nervous. Next.
Israel Vs. the Palestinians Vs. most Arab nations Vs. the world’s opinion plus the media bringing it all home. Iran is already pissed about the sanctions and this could break the camel’s back; they have camels, right? And if that wasn’t enough, now it comes to light that, in fact, they could build an atomic weapon. So that is more bad news….Again, the world’s holding its breath. I’m just happy that the World Cup is finally on, even though blowing the vuvuzela is not going to save anybody.

Peace, (no pun intended)



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