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on June 8th -2010-

Boast a mouth so dirty it could make drunken sailors blush? Well, if your mother, spouse, or priest have requested you to ease back on the four-letter word bombs, don’t listen to ‘em. Researchers say that swearing may help alleviate pain by increasing the heart rate and pushing the brain to a fight or flight state. Interestingly, women appear to benefit more from dropping a barrage of s**t, f*#k, and biznatches. The scientists behind the f**king experiment say more f**king research is needed to fully understand the impact of f**king cursing on the human body.

Full story at Science News.

Damn, that’s a lot of science news.

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What better way to kick off the Mother’s Day weekend than with a truly touching chit-chat between a young boy with Asperger’s syndrome and his devoted mother? Sarah Littman sat down with her 12-year-old son Joshua to answer a series of heartfelt questions. StoryCorps recorded the conversation and set it to animation in a short video sure to make you want to give your mom, or any mom, a huge hug.


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Full story at BuzzFeed.

All about moms.

Body odors hard facts

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Get fast facts on body odor causes, and learn what you can do to control body odor.

For example did you know?

  • Meat eaters smell worse than their vegetarian counterparts, according to a 2006 anthropological study performed in the Czech Republic.
  • Since the eccrine gland produces sweat that is mostly just water and salt, it is not responsible for body odor.
  • Because microorganisms on the skin, called florae, enjoy chomping on fats and proteins, it makes sense that foods heavy in these nutrients would produce a stronger body odor.
  • The apocrine glands remove waste like proteins and fats — although the sweat they produce does not naturally smell, it develops its odor when it reaches the surface of the skin. Microorganisms found on the skin eat apocrine sweat and produce the body-odor scent as a by-product of metabolism.

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