Tales from The Amazon and Beyond

Cambodia. Tales from The Amazon and Beyond: Shades (Part 1) A different kind of jungle

Shades (part 1)
Blasting us in the night.

We were all around the fire just outside a shack we had found entirely by luck. By the looks of it, seemed was abandoned, or at least not really cared for by anyone in quite a long while. As is usually done, and by the stimulus of spirits–of the alcohol type–conversations were abundant and crisp. Just like any other instant, it took no time for all of us to get truly blasted and, as one would imagine, the tales we all told were successfully colored and even dramatic at times, all depending on the creative form of the speaker.  Not far away there was a swamp-like medium-sized lagoon where that night’s moon looked as if it was alive and dancing by means of its own reflection. It was indeed a sight to behold, and I began to experience a dream-like epiphany, as the voices suddenly changed tone and rhythm and at the same time sounded elongated and far, the laughter deep and spacey. I felt as if my presence was there, but yet my mind wasn’t.  I went with the moon that by now was dancing in the dark waters of the pond. The wood from the fire marked the moment, cracking loudly, speaking its language like conversing to the breeze that understood, as the leaves provided an ever so subtle chorus of many, lingering there in an absolute perfect cacophony of sounds. The nightly hours felt timeless, and in essence everything seemed as in sync with the moon that at one point looked like it couldn’t get any bigger, like it couldn’t dance anymore. . . .

But the night was far from over and by no means the fire pit would end anytime soon. This night was a night that no one would ever forget.  It was a time of uncontrollable, relentless fear. What started as a cozy evening by the fire, ended up being a time of desperation and despair by forces beyond our control or comprehension.  Events that took place that night would make a mark in our psyche that literally ended up scarring the deepest fibers of our beings. But before that, we would have to fight for our lives to a degree none of us thought possible. Not in a million years. And yet we did. Some of us would meet tomorrow. Too many of us did not.

(to be continued in Part 2)

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